Do you have questions about immigration? We have solutions for You.

Tinoco, Flores & Associates is a leading law firm on immigration located in Texas, which helps clients with all kinds of needs and problems of immigration, finding the solutions they need to live, work and go to school here in the U.S.

Our staff has the qualifications and experience to provide customers with the support and necessary to complete and properly submitted immigration forms, respond to requests for documentation, dealing with the appeals process and perform other pressing tasks of legal guidance under current immigration policy for a quick resolution of even the most complex immigration problems.

Legal expert guidance for all types of immigration issues

As one of the leading law firms in Texas, our success in deal with immigration issues is unmatched and our understanding of the legal requirements for immigration and naturalization processes is unique. Our staff can help whether you are seeking immigration assistance to you for work, school, as an investor or agent, or for other purposes, or to find solutions to their families. We also work closely with companies and corporations of all sizes, helping to accelerate the immigration process to avoid delays in production and have a stronger work force and a better end result.

Our attorneys have extensive experience successfully representing clients before judges and other representatives of federal agencies, including the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) and the Department of Homeland security (DHS), helping clients obtain permanent residence and citizenship and even dealing with the process for obtaining pardons when necessary for successful immigration process. We also have an extensive track record of success in asylum cases, helping clients from around the world such as Mexico, Latin America, China, Europe, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines. In addition, our firm receives expert advice from a leading law professors who served as judge in the Mexican judicial system, so we understand the legal process from several perspectives.

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